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Frog Dissections and Tours

"The Victorian Frog Group"- A site with detailed information on Australia's native frogs is the virtual online frog dissection. You will need to get the FLASH 5 plugin to access this site.

National Biological Information Infrastructure - Frog Web, with teacher resources including curriculum for different grades.

Naturesound 12 species of frogs with photos, texts, and sound recordings of each species' calls.

Virtual Frog Dissection Kit

Franklin Institute: Jurrasic Frogs

Frog Web Search

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Museums, Zoos, and Information
Anatomy and Dissection
Ecology and the Environment

Western Ecological Research Center Frogs and Toads of Coastal Southern California

Oregon Coast Aquarium: The Case of the Disappearing frogs (an online detective case)

Amphibia Web Learn about amphibian populations from around the world. Follow their links to learn about declining populations.

Hop To It Survey Learn all about frogs and the environment for the Irish Peatland Conservation Council.

Offwell Woodland and Wildlife Trust Great pictures of the tadpole's metamorphosis into a frog.

Three links about Cloning headless frogs and research in cloning human organs:
ABC News Story about Asashima's research into headless frog clones.
Global Change: The Frog Headless Clone Debate
Concious Choice: Questions about Frog cloning methods for growing human organs

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Created on ... March 15th, 2002