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Follow-up Activities
Here are a few examples of some fun and interesting ways that you can learn more about frogs, anatomy, and the environment after completing Net Frog or an actual frog dissection.
A Colorful Guide to Human Anatomy
This is an activity for those of you who like to draw or color. Since frogs and humans are vertebrates, you can study and compare their anatomies. In this activity, you will draw and compare organ systems.
Did you know that frogs live more than five years? You can raise a tadpole and observe its behavior as you watch it evolve into an adult frog.
Vanishing Frogs
What's killing frogs? Some scientists believe that a declining frog population is the first sign of environmental pollution. You can research the evidence and join the debate.
Net Frog Web Quest
Based on the WebQuest model designed by Bernie Dodge at San Diego State University, this activity takes you on an Internet adventure.

Created on ... March 15th, 2002