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Follow-up Activities Classroom Activities Curriculum Standards Links to Web sites

Since its debut in 1994, we've heard from lots of folks who use Net Frog's Interactive Frog dissection at home or in the classroom.

You can follow the links on this page to explore a few of the follow-up and classroom activities suggested by our users, access a sample of learning standards covered by this instructional module, or surf some Web sites that provide information and activities on life science topics such as biology, anatomy and ecosystems.

Follow-up Activities
Some fun and interesting ways that you can learn more about frogs, compare frog and human anatomies, or study habitats and the environment.
Classroom Activities
Here are a couple of strategies for integrating Net Frog into the classroom science lab.
Curriculum Standards
We provide a list of national education standards covered by Net Frog as well as access to national and state standards of learning Web sites.
Links to Web sites
There are numerous Web sites on frogs, anatomy, and the environment. Here are just a few links to related sites that we found using the search engine.

Created on ... March 15th, 2002