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Set-Up 1: Materials

Net Frog guides you through a frog dissection that you can use as practice before or instead of an actual dissection:

  • Learn about anatomy as you go through the dissection, listen to audio, and watch the videos.
  • Learn about frog and human physiology (the way the body works) from the Guess What? button. Do you know what "amphibian" means?
  • Practice your skills with Tryit.
  • Click on underlined words for glossary definitions.

To perform an actual dissection, you will need a Dissection Kit: Tray, pins, scissors, scalpel, forceps, goggles, gloves, and probes. And, of course, a Preserved Frog. spacer (Net-Frog also displays a Pithed Frog so that you can see what a frog's organs look like before it is preserved).

Listen to the narrator
Guess what the word amphibian means?

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Set-Up Materials Pin the Frog
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Scalpel Incision
Scalpel Incision