This section shows the organs in Layer Three of the the frog's body. (Note:The mesentery is not shown in any of the pictures below. It does appear in the movie that reviews this section.)

The Lungs in preserved (l) and pithed (r) frogs.

The lungs are at the anterior end of the body cavity on either side of the heart. In a preserved frog, they are small, reddish-pink organs. The frog's left lung is circled in each of the pictures above.

(1.2MB) Pithed frog's Lungs Expanding (There is no sound in this movie.)

Lifting the Stomach and Intestines in preserved (l) and pithed (r) frogs.

Lift the stomach and intestines with the forceps to get a clearer view of Layer Three.

The Pancreas in preserved (l) and pithed (r) frogs.

The pancreas is a thin, yellowish ribbon. As you lift the small intestine you will see it between the small intestine and the stomach. In the pictures above it is circled by a yellow border.

Removing Stomach

Now, to see Layer Four, you need to remove the stomach, small intestine, and pancreas.

(4.9 MB) Overview of Layer Three

Let's Practice: Layer Three

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